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User Tips & Troubleshooting

Hello! Here, you will find useful tips and tricks on how to get the best

experience from  Vecto Vision Mobile Technology.

Our mobile apps have gone through rigorous testing by both the

Apple App Store and the Amazon App Store - necessary for

marketplace approval and publishing.  Unfortunately, not all mobile devices

have predictable performance. We have listed a few tips to help simplify

the experience and troubleshoot potential issues.

 Always make sure your device is sufficiently charged when using this mobile app. Low battery levels decrease app performance.

Quick fix - If the app freezes while viewing images, make sure the device battery has sufficient charge then exit and restart app.

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Downloading the App

Downloading the app to iOS is pretty straightforward.  It is a one click download from the Apple Store.  If you are having issues with downloading, often times it is due to individual mobile device security preferences.  Please make sure that your security preferences are allowing you to download the app and that the app is allowed to access the device camera.

For Android, please make sure that you first download the Amazon App Store. Once that is installed on your device, you will be able to download the free VectoVision app from the Amazon App Store.  The security preferences of some devices may require allowing Amazon the permission to download the apps onto the mobile device.

If you are having issues with your download - most often it is due to the security preferences not being enabled and that the user did not first download and install the Amazon App Store app to their device.

Older Android devices may not be able to download this app.  In most of these cases, Amazon will generate a

pop-up notice that your device is not compatible. This Amazon Android app will only support devices with the Android 10 operating system or higher.


This app does not work on Amazon Fire devices.

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Audio - This App has an audio narration

If you are not hearing audio on your device, make sure your device is not on "silent mode".  For some devices, this means to make sure that your ringer is not in silent mode and that your volume is turned up.

Every experience has an auto-start narration. The narration will start once the device camera activates the image.

If you are still having audio issues after following these quick tips, uninstall then reinstall the app.

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Activating the Experiences
It's Fast and Easy! :

1.  The main menu is a swipe menu.

To sort through the various stamps, swipe left from the first stamp to access the second stamp and swipe right or left from there to navigate between the various stamps on the menu.

2. Search for the stamp in the book that corresponds with the stamp on the device menu.  Then, press the stamp on the screen to activate the device camera specific to that page.

3. When the device camera is activated, scan the image that has the VectoVision logo next to it.  Do not scan the actual stamp in the book as it will not activate the experiences.

4.  To exit the camera experience, press the "<" button at the lower left corner of the camera screen to return to the stamp swipe menu.

Only the stamp corresponding to the individual pages will activate the experiences on that page.  For example, pressing the "train" stamp will only activate the experiences on the page with the train stamp.  The train stamp will not activate the alligator page, etc...

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